Services Offered

Individual Counseling
Whether you are looking to start counseling for the first time or continue where you left off with another therapist, I can help you. Counseling is a collaborative process where you are the expert on your life. My job is to provide alternate perspectives and support so you can tackle the challenges you face. 
Distance Counseling 
Sometimes it is hard to find a counselor in your town whether it be due to the size of your town or your own profession. It may be that you don't have time to drive to an appointment due to your schedule. There are so many demands on us that it is often difficult to manage our time.  Whatever the issues are that are preventing you from making an appointment, don't let that stop you any further. You can connect with me from the comfort of your own home. 
I am pleased to offer distance counseling services for those who reside in North Carolina.  If you are curious about distance counseling, or think this might be the right time fo you to start working on your, then contact me to discuss your options. 

Working with LGBQ and Transgender Community

All people deserve to have a safe space to talk about their problems and not worry about being judged. My number one goal is to allow you to feel comfortable and welcome talking about any issue that prevents you from reaching your goals. I firmly believe in Affirmative Therapy. It is my job to provide you with the support and guidance you desire where your gender and sexuality are a non-issue. 

Hardship Evaluations  
I have extensive work surrounding mental health hardship evaluations. I primarily work with individuals and couples seeking asylum, provisional waivers, and U-Visas.
I also write evaluations for people seeking mental health harship after an accident or a traumatic event.