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Photo of Jennifer Becker, therapist

Hello, I am Jennifer. I am a North Carolina Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor. 

 I work with people. I help people who are just trying to deal with what life throws at them.


Clients often come to me when what they have been doing no longer suits them. I help individuals and couples figure out how to get unstuck and start moving forward again. In this collaborative effort, we address difficult issues and form new ways to accomplish a better way of being.   

I use a time-tested model, Emotionally Focused Therapy, to assist in increasing communication and getting in touch with feelings. My clients find me engaging and committed to the process of healing.


Attending counseling sessions is hard. The person sitting across from me is the bravest one in the room. The time we spend together is precious and I consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to

be on this journey with you.

I look forward to connecting with you and starting the healing process.

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