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There are many reasons people come in for therapy. Here are a few areas that might resonate with you.
If there is something else going on for you that isn't listed, reach out, and I will listen to your area of concern.

Lake at Dusk


Here For You

Everyone gets depressed and anxious at times. However, you don’t have to let it take over your life. In therapy, you can learn how to manage these feelings. Schedule an appointment today and get back to feeling good.


Quality Care

We all experience loss. Therapy is a place where you can grieve and process your loss. Therapy can allow you to let go of the pain and hold on to the memories that mean the most to you. For support, book an appointment today.

Blue Water
Sea Shore


Better Together

All couples go through good phases and bad phases. Couples therapy helps us discover the cycles that get us in and out of those phases so that we don’t get stuck. Contact me today for couples support.


Express Yourself

Lessons Learned Therapy is a safe space for everyone. You are welcome to express yourself without judgment or criticism. During our sessions you will feel affirmed and validated for being exactly who you are in this very moment. Get in touch to book an appointment.

Pride Flags
Green Leaves


Selfless Self-Care

Being human is exhausting! The expectations can be overwhelming.  All of us need to learn how to prioritize self-care and set boundaries to protect our sacred selves. Let's connect to move you in the right direction.


Working Together

Are you seeking to change your immigration status or the status of a loved one? This time is used to help address this part of the hardship waiver application. We can do this together, reach out today to learn more.

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